Flat Labial Bows

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Preformed Flat Labial Arch with Wrap Around Side Wires

Flat Wrap Around Measurements are Equal to the Flattened Portion of Bow

Wire Diameter: .032 in

Nine (9) Sizes to Choose From:
FLT-25  25.40 mm/1 inch
FLT-28  28.58 mm/1 1/8 inch
FLT-31  31.75 mm/1 1/4 inch
FLT-34  34.93 mm/1 3/8 inch
FLT-38  38.10 mm/1 1/2 inch
FLT-41  41.28 mm/1 5/8 inch
FLT-44  44.45 mm/1 3/4 inch
FLT-47  47.63 mm/1 7/8 inch
FLT-51  50.80 mm/2 inch

Shipped in a Package of Ten (10) of Same Size

Price : US$19.50


FLTHAW: Flattened Hawley Bows

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Our Flattened Hawley Bow Archwires have a "Flattened Center" Across the Anterior Section. 

They are Small Loop, Using .028 High Quality, 304V Bright Finish Medium-Hard (3/4 hard) Medical Grade, Stainless Steel Wire. 

Flattened Hawley Bows are Measured from Distal of One Loop to the Distal of the Second Loop

Choose from Nineteen (19) Sizes

Sold in Packages of Twelve (12)

Price : US$14.25


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