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JBC and Company is family owned and operated.  Priscilla Mier is the mind and hard work behind what makes JBC and Company the Company it is today.  Priscilla's background includes owning and operating a very profitable, high-volume laboratorys in Southern California and Nevada for over 38 years.  She started formulating and coloring acrylics to create better products for her own use in her laboratory; that is where JBC and Company was born.  JBC and Company is an acronym consisting of her children's first initials: J- John, a retailer in Texas; B- Bethany, an Orthodontic lab owner in Nevada; C- Crystal, owner of ChefRubber.com - a world renown Manufacturing and Culinary supply company located here in Texas.

In February 1997 JBC and Company received the clearance of the Food and Drug Administration to sell her colored acrylic resins to the dental/orthodontic industry.  In the summer of 1998, she walked away from their laboratory in California and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with her family in tow to expand JBC and Company.  Since 1997, JBC has seen a tremendous increase in the number of users of JBC and Company's Colored Acrylic Resins.  The company has increased its product offerings to include additional products used in the day-to-day operations of an orthodontic laboratory. 

In December 2013, JBC and Company moved to Fredericksburg, Texas to the eldest daughter's property where the new JBC and Company’s manufacturing facility is located.  Relocating to Texas has been a blessing to the business as we are now centrally located and can service and ship to our entire customer base, in a timelier manner.  Part of our mission here is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices, and at a level of service that is superior to all others in the industry.  JBC and Company is committed to continued growth and expansion but promises never to lose sight of those that are the most important, our customers.

Credo 1:  We do not want to make our customers wait.  Because we are the manufacturer, we can get our acrylic products shipped out to you within 24 hours of you placing your order.   This ensures that you are not without product for longer than the delivery time.

Credo 2:  We want our customers to ask for help.  We provide comprehensive product support regardless of how small the problem or how simple the question.  We can also research and find other products, supplies, machinery, or tools that you may be looking for to get it in hand for you.  Under most conditions we can match or create new colors that you may need. If there is anything you need, no matter how big or small, always remember you have a friend at JBC that is here to assist you any way we can.  

Credo 3:  We want your feedback.  If we make a mistake, tell us.  We cannot know if we did not meet your expectations if we are not told. It is important to us that each one of our customers is happy, so that if one is not, we have the opportunity to correct the problem.  We don't just want customers; we want happy customers who become our life-long friends.

JBC and Company is registered with the Food and Drug Administration and the Texas Department of Health Services as a manufacturer of a medical/dental device(s).  

Please feel free to call any time with questions.

         Priscilla L. Mier

PO Box 2716 
Fredericksburg, TX  78624
830-685-3700    Fax 830-685-3703






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