STANDARD SHADES-Upper Single Pontic

500-UDHS .01LB



Now you can order just the tooth or several teeth you need.  Select between all six anterior teeth.

UR & UL Centrals, Laterals, and Cuspids available singularly, each.
Ten Maxillary Molds and Eight Industry Standard Shades for all Orthodontic
Temporary Retainer and Flipper Appliances needing replacement teeth.
Many sizes and shapes of molds to
match teeth on the working models.

Or order the 1x6 tooth Trays in the same Molds or Shapes as these single teeth.

Buy the 1x6 tray, then replace the teeth back onto the tray as you use them. 

We also have HUGE Centrals (11 plus millimeters wide)  AXL Mold in ALL Shades!





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