PUK-856: PUK Electrode Sharpener

PUK-856 .6LB

PUK Electrode Sharpener -
Compatible with All PUK Welding Devices
Care of the Electrode Tips is Vital to Good Welding Results
The Grinding Motor is a Useful Accessory for Every PUK Welding Device

Simple and rapid grinding of the PUK electrodes: The grinding motor is a useful accessory for every PUK welding device.
Care of the electrode tips, which is vital to very good welding results, is carried out by this grinding motor in the blink of an eye. When sharpening the electrode tips the electrodes are held on the rotating diamond disc (PUK-856) at a flat angle (approx. 15�) and turned between the fingers. Multiple electrodes can be sharpened and finished simultaneously.
Disks are replaceable with an Allen wrench, (provided).