PUK-301: Titanium Welding/Filler Wire 0.012

PUK-301 .05LB

Titanium Welding/Filler Wire
Welding/Filler Wire for Filling Weld Joints on Titanium When Laser, Phaser or Mag Welding 
0.012 Diameter 
Ships on a 39 inch Spool/Bobbin

Welding wire for filling weld joints on Titanium- when laser, phaser or Mag Welding. 
39 inch spool/bobbin
Unalloyed titanium wire (quality 2) for homogeneous welding on weldable titanium qualities. The wire is outstanding due to its high crack resistance. When welding on titanium, a clean welding area and optimum shielding gas coverage (with Argon 4.6 or higher) are very important.  Titanium-fine titanium
1000mm x 0.30mm (39.37 x 0.012 inch)
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