Orthodontic Acrylic Sparkle Polymers   Many Glittered Powder colors to choose from!
Original Sparkle Colors:  aa Red, bb Blue; dd Green; ee Turquoise; ff Purple; gg Black; hh Aztec Gold; jj Silver; kk Opalescent.

NEW SP Solids and Blended Colors -
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With over 20 colors of super fine glitter choices, there is something for everyone.  Use with Clear liquid or with Tinted liquid for fabulous looking Appliances.

Introducing our blended Sparkle Powders:

Peacock - When you hear 'peacock' you think of blues, greens, teal, and turquoise... That is exactly what you get.

Red Hatter - Lovely ladies of all ages enjoy being a part of the organization that brings the best out in this blend. Reds and purples go hand-in-hand in this Sparkle Powder blend.

Carnival Blue - Regal Blue Carnival Glass has licks of fuchsia where a flame has kissed the finish. Our color incorporates both blues and pinks to give you a great blend.

Tutti Frutti - Oranges and pinks make your mouth water when you look at this fruit-filled color palette.

USA - As American as, well, the U.S.A! Red, silver and blue bring the Patriot out in all of us!

Miss Priss - A blend as unique as the owner of the company herself; with the shades of blue that light up her eyes and a kick of the fire that drives her. You will never find another blend like this.

Get the original nine colors in our Sparkle Polymers Kit, Item 804

Looking for the NEWER Sparkle Polymers? Go with the 804-SP Kit. This includes 17 Colors  9 Additional Colors and 8 Color Blends in 4 oz Dispensing Bottles

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