AA2705: LEAF Spring SELF Expander (MEMORIA)

AA2705 .25LB
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SELF Activated LEAF Spring Expansion RPEs
Two (2) Expansion Sizes Available:
AA2705L/06 6 mm
AA2705L/09 9 mm
Sold Individually


Featuring all the advantages of the Leaf expander without the need of periodic reactivation. The work of this expander is assigned entirely to the flexible properties of the nickel titanium leaf springs releasing controlled and continuous forces. The choice of the expander is decided on the basis of the transverse discrepancy of the patient: therapy is therefore predetermined and no further action is required, nor by the clinician nor even by the patient. Available in two strength levels and two expansion capabilities to meet nearly all maxillary deficiencies. Has elliptical (Oval) shaped compression springs (4 & 6).


6mm Expansion 4 Leaf spring mechanism with Light force with 450 g for continued Bi-Lateral pressure.

9mm expansion 4 spring mechanism with Light 450g force for continued activation.

450g Light Force is used of minor Unilateral crossbites, where no suture is involved.
900g Medium Force is used most for midline suture expansion.